Email Machine for Mom and Dad

Presto helps you stay connected with your loved ones who aren't online, now and in the future. People use Presto for everything from sending fun family messages and photos to helping provide care for an aging loved one. Presto's versatile features mean its usefulness will grow with your needs.

Whether for fun or caring, Presto helps you stay connected.

A New Kind of Mail

Not having email means your Mom is left out of all the online communication that happens in your family. If you had an easier way to communicate with her, you could send her messages and photos more regularly so she would never miss a thing.

"First of all, the Presto service is fantastic! You have allowed my computer-phobic mother to finally be connected to her entire family. Snail mail just doesn't cut it anymore and she was starting to feel left out of the loop. You have done such a great service for Seniors."— Shannon F., Texas

Presto for Care

Your Mom and Dad would love to get letters and photos from the family. You’d also like to have a non-intrusive way to make sure they're not forgetting medications or appointments, and get forms and other information to them to help manage some of the details of their lives.

"We have opened up the world of email for them, and they can also use it to receive important documents from accountants, financial advisors, etc."— Terry, New Jersey

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