Email and Photo Printer Features

No Spam. Ever!

Presto eliminates spam completely by allowing only authorized senders' messages to be printed. This list of authorized senders can be edited online or by phone.

Easy to Use. Guaranteed.

Think Mom won't use another gadget? She will use Presto because there is nothing she needs to do to receive messages. Simply pick up the printed messages from the tray, read and enjoy.
See our 60-day, risk free guarantee.

Easy to Set Up

Simply plug the Printing Mailbox into an existing analog phone line and power outlet, put in paper and an ink cartridge, and it's ready to go.

Unlimited Email Delivery

There is no limit to the number of messages and photos your loved one can receive, no charge to senders, and no toll charges for Grandma.

Photos Print Perfectly

With Presto, you can share digital photos with your loved one. Simply include them as an attachment to your email, and they will be automatically printed with your message.

Deliver Documents

Presto also delivers Adobe® PDF files. Many online documents are available in this format, plus you can easily convert any file or web page into a PDF and send it to the Printing Mailbox. You can now send virtually anything: tax forms, insurance forms, maps, recipes, articles...even your daughter's school essay!


Keep their Printing Mailbox full and their minds active. With the Presto Newsstand, you can purchase subscriptions for comics, articles, recipes, games, puzzles, and more from major publishers. A selection of free content is also available.

Presto DailySmile

Set it and forget it! Any approved sender can create a queue of photos chosen from their computer or Facebook, add captions, set a schedule, and Presto will automatically send the photos. This free service is a great way for grandkids to keep in touch with grandparents.


PrestoConnect is your online tool chest. It's a central place online where you can send messages, schedule reminders, create to-do lists, monitor message traffic, and even keep track of ink and paper status so your loved one will never miss a message!

Usage Data

From the PrestoConnect web page, see how many messages your loved one is receiving and from whom. Message subject and contents, however, remain private.


You shouldn't have to do all the work. Use the Nudge feature to gently remind siblings and kids that a message from them would make Grandma's day.

Delivery Confirmation

Rest assured that your messages and reminders were delivered. Access this information through the PrestoConnect website, or get an emailed confirmation from Presto.

Preschedule Messages

Work on your own schedule, not theirs. As account administrator, you can create messages when it's convenient for you, and schedule them to be delivered when it's convenient for them.


Don't count on their memory (or yours!) for important items. Schedule one-time or recurring reminders from the PrestoConnect page. Whether you want them to remember an appointment, dinner date, or medication schedule, get printed information in their hands at the right time. And, because you can use our delivery confirmation tool, you'll know they got the message.

To-do lists

Make sure it gets done with a to-do list! Creating one-time or recurring grocery lists, doctor questions, caregiver tasks and more is easy. Schedule and deliver them exactly when you want.


Choose from seasonal greetings, holiday wishes, birth or graduation announcements, birthday congratulations and more. Attach a photo and it will be artfully embedded into the page. You can even see what it will look like when printed by using Presto Mail Preview.

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