Presto Templates

Transform plain email into beautiful letters, greeting cards and calendar pages. It's not actually magic, but it's close! Presto offers more than 30 designs from which to choose, from simple everyday borders to colorful special occasion designs.

Everyday Templates

Our everyday templates make your email look like a letter. Their relatively simple style conserves ink, but still makes your messages warm, personal and friendly.

How to Select Templates

The account administrator can choose a default template from the PrestoConnect website. To select a default template, simply log into PrestoConnect and select "manage user preferences" in the Preferences panel. If no other template is specified by the sender, all messages will print out in the default template design.

Other senders can choose to override the default template by including a simple code in the email subject line. Each template has a code that, when included on the subject line, in brackets, will apply that template to that message only.

For example, to have a message with the subject line "Christopher's birthday party" print in the birthday template, you would type this subject line:

Christopher's birthday party [Presto Birthday]

Special Occasion Templates

Presto also offers a variety of more expressive designs for special occasions, turning your email into a personalized greeting card. These designs are implemented the same way as the everyday templates — with a code in the subject line.

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