Presto Mail Service


  • No spam. Ever!
  • Email is transformed into beautiful, full-color printouts
  • Send digital photo or PDF attachments
  • Set up the account online in about five minutes, or call 1 (800) 919-3199
  • Choose subscriptions to articles and puzzles at no additional cost

Transforms Email to Printed Letters

The Presto Mail service is the "brain" that converts your digital content, like email and photos, to printable documents for your loved one and holds them for delivery in the Printing Mailbox. It is their link to family, friends, and the wealth of information available on the Internet. They don't need a computer, and you don't need to print and mail anything.

Most Presto users have someone who acts as their account administrator and completes the sign up in just a few minutes. During sign up, you'll choose a Presto email address and create a list of authorized senders.

Whether you send letters, photos, messages, maps, tax forms, medication reminders or an online article, Presto helps keep them connected.

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