Printer for Email and Photos

Presto delivers connection.


  • Connect with tech-shy family and friends
  • You send email, but your loved one gets printed letters
  • No computer or Internet required
  • Even if your loved one has tried and rejected a computer, they will love Presto

Not Everyone Uses Email

Presto allows you to send email to your loved ones who don't use a computer, and include them in the quick hellos, family updates and pictures of the grandkids the rest of the family enjoys. So much connection happens by email these days because it's quick, easy and convenient, but not everyone uses email. Presto bridges the technology gap and makes it easy to include everyone you care about, even if they aren't online.

Email Without a Computer

With Presto you communicate the way you prefer, by email, and your loved ones get what they want, printed letters and photos, without the learning curve or expense of a computer. And, unlike a phone call, the letters can be reread and enjoyed over and over again.

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