Presto = Joy

Let us show you why.

  • connect

    your loved ones who don't go online to their family & friends

    The number
    one thing you can do to improve the life of a loved one who doesn't use a computer, or who struggles with the one they have, is connect them to friends and family with Presto. We make it easy to try it for yourself with no risk.

    Presto provides an
    email address. You provide a list of approved senders. Your loved one will then be able to receive email, photos and documents auto-printed like these pages, to a specially designed printer, same day. No PC or Internet needed.

  • care

    for someone is made a lot easier when you have more than a telephone

    The hardest, and
    possibly most rewarding, job in life is taking care of an aging parent. It's even harder if you can only communicate by phone or in person. Presto adds a rich new medium, with many tools for family caregivers to
    make it easier.

    Family caregivers
    from the Presto user community told us what they wanted: pre-scheduled messages, automatically delivered reminders and to-do lists, photos auto-printed on a schedule, low ink/paper detection & resupply.
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  • inspire

    with daily connections to the people and things they love

    You can't be expected
    to keep Mom and Dad's Presto Mail flowing every day. So there are hundreds of auto-delivered Presto Newsstand Subscriptions-some free, some low cost-all readily available to stimulate, challenge and inspire their minds.

    They can get
    daily crossword, sudoku
    and word jumble puzzles, news from the New York Times, articles like Wolfgang Puck's Kitchen and new or vintage comics from King Features. Presto helps keeps their minds active so you don't have to.
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  • amaze

    your family with same-day delivery of email & photos without a computer

    You send an email
    and/or photo. They receive it automatically. No computer or Internet needed. No spam or junk mail is possible. Only joy from family and friends via the Presto Printing Mailbox connected to their telephone line and the Presto Mail Service. [ more ]