Sharing Web Content

Those of us with Internet access take for granted that we can find virtually any kind of information on the Web at any time. With Presto you can open this door for your loved one, without subjecting them to the risks of online scams or viruses.

Presto allows you to deliver Adobe® PDF documents, the standard for electronic document formats. Many downloadable documents, such as tax and insurance forms or legal documents, are readily available in this format. Many other types of information are also available online in PDF format, such as articles, magazines and newspapers. You can also save virtually any content on the web as a PDF document, which means that Presto can deliver pretty much anything you can find!

You can even create your own PDF documents with Adobe or other third-party software. Is Grandma a baseball fanatic? Send her the box scores of her favorite team. Traveling to visit a friend? Send a list of events happening in that city. Does she need information on the best way to deal with arthritis pain? You can send that too. Have a printed document you need her to see? Scan it into your computer, save it as a PDF file, and send it to her Printing Mailbox. The possibilities are almost endless.

Additional Examples

  • Maps and directions
  • Travel itineraries
  • Photo montages or full size photos
  • Spreadsheet with family contact information

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