Email Printer Helps You Keep in Touch

  • Presto fits into your active life
  • Presto complements current communication methods
  • If their need for assistance increases, you can gently provide it with Presto


Your busy life may mean you need a more convenient way to communicate with loved ones who aren't online, or to enhance your calls and visits. Presto provides connection and support for your loved ones, and is also a great tool for you.

In addition to the fun of including them in family moments, Presto makes communication easy by allowing you to use email to send messages, reminders and photos anytime, from anywhere, when it’s convenient for you. Your loved one receives them automatically on their Printing Mailbox, no computer or Internet required.


Don’t have time for a phone call? Dash off a quick email to let a loved one know you're thinking about them. You can also spend a few minutes scheduling messages and photos to be delivered throughout the week so you know they are feeling connected, even while you're busy doing all the things you need to do.

Presto Fits into Your Life

Are you juggling your loved one's social calendar or medical appointments? Send a reminder when you're thinking about it, and have it printed when your loved one needs the information.

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