Email Printer Keeps Families Connected


  • Connect your loved one to a wider circle of family and friends
  • Use Presto for practical tasks as well as fun

Share the Fun

Presto not only allows you to be in better touch with your loved one, it also provides a way for other family members and friends to connect with them as well. With Presto, anyone on the friends list can use their regular email program, email-capable cell phone, or PDA to send messages, photos, and other documents, keeping your loved one involved in their lives and the Printing Mailbox full.

Share the Responsibility

And, the PrestoConnect website can help you share some of the responsibility for communicating with your loved one and helping to manage some of the day-to-day tasks that may become necessary. For instance, send your Mom a reminder about her hair appointment, and copy your sister so she can give Mom a ride.

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